I am an avid horseman as well as outdoorsman and was mentored by some of the best land stewards in the area. I grew up running equipment & working on some of the most elite ranches in San Luis Obispo County with quality supervision not only in general engineering but extensive ranch related projects as well. No matter the type of ranch program you work in, the central coast is what it is today because our county pays close attention to the environmental impact & sustainability of the area. With the worlds explosive technological advances & the direct impact each type of program has on the land & it's diversity, it's up to the managers to be creative & innovative in the ways we do things. This experience has helped my clients develop their dreams while having minimal impact on their wild areas. I also pride myself in helping develop & manage wildlife populations and repairing areas. 

M.J. Excavation

Building & Growing with Our Community

Vineyard/ Winery 

  • Grading: Large & Small 
  • Roads: New & Maintenance 
  • Erosion Control 
  • Perimeter Fencing 
  • Septic & Drainage 
  • Ponds & Water Systems
  • Certified Welding & Fabrication of Trailers & Structures 


Equestrian & Livestock 

  • Equestrian Facilities
  • Covered Barns/ Tack Rooms
  • Corralls & Paddox
  • Pastures & Stalls
  • Wash-racks, Cross Ties & Hitching Posts
  • Squeeze & Loading Chutes
  • Water System Development, Spring Siphon Systems
  • Steep Country Quad & Horse Trails